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well… guess after all I am cheating on my current blosxom-based weblog, trying to get wordpress up and running for the sake of doing something else. don’t really know yet where this all is heading for; but I also see that blosxom, even while being a good weblog platform, probably is not the sort of tool for me to use for right that job.

I mean, after all, blosxom still sort of rocks, and the fact that it is written in perl rather than php4 itself is a good thing. then again, wordpress is sort of tempting, simply offering some more possibilities of actually working with it instead of working on it… I’ll see what will grow out of this. another thing which is, say, sort of bugging me about [z428] by now is that I didn’t so far really manage to get a mixed-language blog up and running, with most of my entries being written in German, thus leaving a lot of my friends locked out from reading it. Thus, [dm] will be much more “accessible”, talking about languages.

Overally, I still don’t know… let’s wait and see… for now, I just gotta get to do something about this site’s appearance.

30. September 2005

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