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Android: Trying to break free

Though I generally am into privacy and trying to cut down on using Google services for these reasons, it’s also a somewhat pragmatic approach: Do you want to…

28. Januar 2021

Tweaking elementary

After following the project ever since its early days, I’ve been using elementaryOS for more than a year now, almost continuously, on my day-to-day working laptop and several…

11. Juni 2020

Between sales and technology

Haven’t been in a tech workshop with external sales persons for quite a while. Still confusing, from many perspectives. Short notes from scratch, not that sorted: (1) There…

10. Juni 2020

Edge, Chromium and web monoculture?

The last few days it made the news that apparently Microsoft is about to ditch its latest browser approach, “Edge”, in favour of developing something new for the…

5. Dezember 2018

Apprentice days online: 1998 – 2000

Moving on browsing through my online history. At some point, my days started filling up with learning new things, and boy were there plenty of new things to…

19. Juni 2018

SAP MaxDB on Docker

Using containers for development and testing environments is pretty much state of the art these days. This way, developers and operations guys alike are able to gain speed…

8. August 2017