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AI taking on the Linux desktop...

osnews.com has been writing about AI usage in Fedora Linux and managed to make a few good points here:

While using “AI” to improve accessibility tools in Fedora and the wider Linux world is laudable, some of the other intended targets seem more worrisome, especially when you take into account that the blog post makes no mention of the two single biggest problems with “AI”: sourcing, and its environmental impact. If Fedora truly intends to fully embrace “AI”, it’s going to have to address these two problems first, because otherwise they’re just trying to latch onto the hype without really understanding the cost.

And that’s not something I want to hear from the leaders of my Linux distribution.

Yes. For a plethora of reasons I'm quite torn when it comes to (the current state of) AI technology and application. In a way however, there's a strange feeling of things likely to get worse here: At the very end, the whole Linux/FLOSS community has had a weird take on "sustainability" for quite a bunch of years now, being both focussed on doing software "more sustainable" than the proprietary market because you still can easily run Linux and other open operating systems on hardware and machinery left behind by other offerings for years, while at the same time this whole ecosystem is a jungle of redundant, competing, partially completed, partially abandoned projects, distributions, desktop environments that need to be maintained, built, shipped, and few people seem to bother about resource consumption caused by that. I wonder what might happen if we take on AI just the same way. And I wonder whether this is better or worse than depending all on the AI provided by players that, already by now, are much bigger than they probably should be.