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Tweaking elementary

After following the project ever since its early days, I’ve been using elementaryOS for more than a year now, almost continuously, on my day-to-day working laptop and several…

11. Juni 2020


Der vierte Monat des Jahres ist ins Land gegangen, mit dem für die Jahreszeit üblichen durchwachsenen Wetter, viel Sonne, viel Wind, wenig Regen, vereinzeltem Schnee an einem Samstag…

8. Mai 2019

elementary 5: Clean, lightweight GNU/Linux

As I pointed out elsewhere, I spent a couple of weeks participating in the elementaryOS 5 Linux Community Challenge. Started by a writer at forbes.com, the idea was…

7. Februar 2019

Years of Linux and FLOSS desktop?

Recently, and once again, I have stumbled across someone (more or less) claiming the Year Of The Linux Desktop (wonder whether the acronym YOTLD already made it through)…

20. September 2018

SAP MaxDB on Docker

Using containers for development and testing environments is pretty much state of the art these days. This way, developers and operations guys alike are able to gain speed…

8. August 2017

antergos: simple, straightforward Linux desktop

Installed antergos Linux on my everyday working laptop yesterday after quite a while running ubuntuGNOME. After upgrading 14.10 to 15.04, some things on my installation became somewhat messy…

25. Juni 2015