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lost in moments: (re-)using existing tools…

Introduced a new category to [pictorial] today: “lost in moments”, mainly being an experiment: Been running around with a camera-equipped cell phone for quite a while now, my hard drives are slowly filling up with wagonloads of snapshots taken then and now, capturing various situations and moods, sometimes trying to really get hold of a “worthy” image, but sometimes just merely been taken for the sake of it, out of a certain mood, and preserved because, well, they seemed to after all capture that mood rather well. As you might expect, cell phone camera quality is highly questionable, and overally this is more of an experiment than anything else, nevertheless I decided to randomly dump some of them to the “lost in moments” category, allowing others (and myself, of course…) to, well, get “lost in moments” once in a while. The pictures come in rather small size and (well, almost…) completely without any postprocessing being done, just “taken off the camera”. So much for authenticity. 😉

Title inspired, by the way, by Ulvers incredible “Lost In Moments” off the “Perdition City” album. Enjoy, or not, whatever. 🙂

1. August 2008

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