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Getting clear about electronic music.

Ever wondered what’s all the mess about things like Techno, Dark-Wave, EBM, Industrial, Trance and whatever? Ever thought about whether there is any sort of meaningful structure within the world of electronic music (which, by now, seems to be even more strictly categorized than Hard Rock / Heavy Metal ever was, even though the level of categorization sometimes seems completely useless…)? If so, you gotta go see Ishkur’s Guide to Electronic Music. Usually I’m really not a big fan of any websites requiring any plugins to be of use, but in this case, having flash installed seems to be a good thing: Ishkur obviously spent a vast amount of time on building a visually appealing, navigable, consistent structure of the world of electronic music and (which is important because you will hardly know about all the genres listed in there) even included sound samples by artists representing the different genres. And so, it’s quite a pleasant trip through the world of electronic music, once again meeting ‘old friends’ like Icon Of Coil or Covenant (Trance -> FuturePop), Jean-Michel Jarre or Gary Numan (House -> New Wave), Tangerine Dream (Downtempo -> Ambient), Haujobb (Trance -> Electro Industrial) or even, though hardly being “electronic” music at all, The Sisters Of Mercy (Trance -> Goth). Though I am sort of convinced that, even being into electronic music quite much by now, I hardly will like everything collected there, it’s quite an impressive piece of work, and browsing around the different categories and listening to the sound snippets really is a good way to kill some time. Take a look!

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27. November 2005

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