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entering autumn: T.3.A.T.M.

Now that autumn really seems to start, getting some appropriate music probably is a good idea. Over the past ten years, one of my favorite choices talking about “autumn music” has been “tears laid in earth”, the 1994 debut cd by The 3rd And The Mortal, and, it seems that even in 2005, eleven years later, this music still does work pretty well. Given that you don’t want to listen to songs like “atuopema”, “shaman” or “in mist shrouded” on a warm, sunny summer day, you’ll even more experience that this is right the sound for grey, misty autumn afternoons… And, additionally, in my opinion it’s one of the most inspired and moody metal-related records released to date. Everything is perfect about “tears laid in earth”: Very original songwriting, a great instrumentation somewhere between fragile piano-parts and the full extent of what you might expect to get while listening to gothic/doom metal, and, most of all the intense, fairy-like vocals of Kari Rueslatten who, those days, did just an incredible performance. Too bad the band never again managed to reach this musical and technical level…

22. Oktober 2005

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