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Celluloide: return of the 1980s synths?

Some days earlier, I just stumbled across ‘words once said’, the debut album by French electronic / synth-pop group Celluloide. And I wonder what’s all the big thing about so-called “future pop”, again: Celluloide perfectly know how to create rather old-school electronic music, mostly using analog synthesizers and sound patterns that might make you remember the 1980s wave / synth-pop / “new romantics” movement, that might make you remember records like the “Speak And Spell” debut by Depeche Mode, or also the doings by British act Visage (mainly known for that very one song, though). Possibly mainstream these days, this music somehow still works out twenty years later, and this way, the music by Celluloide both is a pleasure listening to and brings back quite a set of memories, in some way. Enjoyed it, that’s for sure. The bands website offers a “full-length e.p.” featuring some cover versions for free mp3 download, and a video for one of their later tracks is out on youtube as well. Have a look. 🙂

10. Oktober 2007

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