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Andrea Parker: deep dark dreams

Once again getting into a record published quite a few years ago: “kiss my arp” by the incredible, London-based electronic musician and DJ Andrea Parker. Her music is quite well entitled to get over a few cliche thoughts on music, like the one that electronic music is just cold and boring, or the German distinction between “E-Musik” (‘serious’ music) and “U-Musik” (entertainment music). Especially the latter distinction is becoming more and more obsolete as time moves on, and Andrea Parker is a good example of living somewhere in between the worlds. Though she’s into doing music you might be able to dance to, her doings also feature a lot of things you’ll just start enjoying while listening to it using a bunch of good headphones… Though the music is somewhat electronic, there are “classical” instruments like strings and orchestration woven all into several light yet dense layers of warm synthesizer collages, there are some noisy samples, some deep dark basses, and a voice both intense and fragile. In the end, “k.m.a.” is a collection of deep, dark dreams perfectly suiting cold winter days… Listen up, enjoy.

2. Februar 2006

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