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welcome: flock!

For all those who still haven’t found a browser of their choice, maybe the new kid on the block is what you’re looking for: Flock aims at being a web-browser / blogging / bookmark-keeping / whatever tool to “…smooth out some of the more hairy parts of living and working online…”. Under the hood you’ll find a modified Firefox browser, containing extensions allowing for handling bookmarks through del.icio.us, posting pictures to your account within the flickr community, managing and reading RSS feeds same as submitting posts to the weblog of your choice. Likewise, it contains a tool called the “Shelf”, being something like a scrap-book to temporarily store interesting things one might stumble upon while tapping around the World Wide Web.

Overally, after testing Flock atop Ubuntu GNU/Linux 5.10, it works well and, using its standard theme, looks sort of futuristic. Anyhow, besides that there are serious doubts about the total integration of all the different aspects of “living” online within one single tool, and likewise people still question whether it is necessary to simply get a tweaked version of Firefox (german link). Let’s see what will grow out of this…

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jowra.de (german)
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golem.de (german)

25. Oktober 2005

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