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WebSynergy: portal development renewed?

Quite a while ago, there has been an announcement publishing a collaboration between Sun Microsystems and Liferay in order to create what eventually could be referred to as a “next-generation web aggregation and presentation framework” for use within Java EE environments and beyond. Then and now I’ve had high hopes on this one as, co-incidentially, it just is exactly what we need at the very moment, and it seems that, even though not accompanied by that much publicity, the project is slowly making progress: WebSynergy Milestone 3 by now is available for downloading, testing, playing around with, along with a new milestone of PortalPack 3.0 for NetBeans IDE. Looking at the increase of different packages available (Glassfish V2, V3, as well as standalone installer) and the official Sun documentation on WebSynergy growing as well, I am curious to see how close WebSynergy M3 will get me to where we need to go. Interesting, after all. 🙂

(thanks to Geertjan for pointing me there…)

3. November 2008

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