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Wrap-Up: Tech Summit 2017

Earlier last week, my team and I attended the thinkproject! group technology summit. Taking place in Berlin during November 13 to 15, this event focussed on getting technical…

23. November 2017

GNOME: 18 and moving

Well, what do you know: The GNOME Unix desktop project is about to celebrate its 18th ‘birthday’, anniversary, … by tomorrow, August 15, 2015. I guess there’s more…

14. August 2015

Zweieinhalb mal zehn.

Zweieinhalb Jahrzehnte… Eine der großen runden Zahlen, die das ganze Jahr schon dominiert. Und dazu Bilder, Momentaufnahmen, Videos. Kerzen und Menschen auf der Straße. Ein überfüllter Botschaftsgarten. Züge…

4. November 2014

instagram on Android. And now?

So, here it is. After being highly anticipated for quite a while, the instagram folks a few days ago finally launched an Android version of their imaging /…

5. April 2012

a better mousetrap #2: RESTing HATEOAS

Eventually a rather short thought relating to my attempt trying to, well, build a better mouse trap. Maybe in course of exploring things and slowly growing a technical…

14. Juli 2011

a clueless start to node.js

node.js is a technology that has been on my “to-try” stack of technologies for quite a while now. There has been quite some fuzz out there recently regarding…

29. Juni 2011