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Solaris on x86 adventures.

… So having got myself an Acer Ferrari 4000 (which doesn’t have a floppy disk drive) I now intend to run the latest release of Solaris Nevada on it and share with you my experience as I do so. I also intend at first to limit myself to using only public information and to keep the pre-installed operating system intact.

Something I’ve bookmarked recently in order to fill my ever-growing reading list: Sun blogger Stacey Marshall, like me at the moment, seems to be into the ‘adventure’ of dealing with the Solaris operating system on intel/x86 hardware, resulting in an extensive set of posts providing you with a bunch of valuable information that might come in handy once you follow this way and try installing the Solaris Express Community Release on ‘non-Sun’ hardware. And, seeing that the writer has quite a bunch of years of experience in dealing with the Solaris OS, this probably could be a “must-read”…

26. Januar 2007

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