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Just wanted to post a couple of lines on the current state of this blog. And I want to keep it short, as good as I can. First post on here dates back to September 30, 2005. Eight years on the wordpress blogging software, maybe two more years on the (now defunct?) blosxom software prior to that – some of the earlier posts I cared to move to the current installment, some still might be stored on some backup. So, close to ten years doing dm.zimmer428.net….

Things have changed all along this way. Technically, talking about capabilities of weblog, CMS, publishing software available to date, but also about devices end-users utilize to access “digital content”. Structurally, talking about how “the internet” works these days, in the age of Facebook, Google+, Twitter and the like. Politically, too, talking about surveillance, control, rights and regulations in the digital world. As I can’t help being a techie, I have been, or actively am, more or less into most of these things (yes, including Facebook and G+), but I still consider this site a thing worth keeping up and running – for a bunch of reasons, some outlined here. Yes. And that’s the very point. I want to keep it up and running – which is not really happening at the moment. There’s node.zimmer428.net which I occassionally use to post pictures. There is a now-defunct try to have an archive of all the images I ever posted to either Flickr or Fotolog or any of these places before, for the simple sake of having them available. Loads of work for a page updated way less regularly than, say, my profile on Google+. And I sort of want to change this… I want to see whether there’s a way to make dm.zimmer428.net a place to post mobile images, to post texts and links, to keep things that in some way caught my attention. I want this to not be just a stale collection of old content but rather something that is both maintained and meaningful. again. And in some way, I see the need to start out large or small (depending upon your point of view) – by mostly discarding this blogs former appearance, trying to find something clean, lean, visually appealing that better suits the way I’d like this site to appear, these days. It’s not as dark as it used to be, before – partly because I didn’t yet manage to make this theme look darker, partly because I am unsure even how the next color scheme should be like. I’ll keep playing. More to come… 🙂

30. Oktober 2013

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