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OpenSolaris to be GPL(v3)’d …

Just a short note on things to be read here: Having rumors of Sun Microsystems to eventually use the GPLv3 license as an other option besides their own CDDL for the OpenSolaris project, this might turn the company into one of the biggest corporate supporters of Free Software (not “just” Open-Source) all of a sudden. If this really happens (and I certainly hope so), this would have quite a bunch of very positive effects, possibly making OpenSolaris the first operating systems at all that adopted GPLv3 (and, thus, a tool of choice to those who used Linux because of being GPL-licensed and aren’t all too happy about the discussion about Linux and GPLv3 adoption goin’ on, given that GPLv3 deals with important issues like software patents and DRM in a way needed by Free-as-in-free-speech software). And, it would make a distribution like Nexenta GNU/Solaris being more a “whole”, relying upon GPL’ed software from kernel to userspace applications. Meanwhile, I see my Nexenta GNU/Solaris testbed server gaining uptime rather fast… 🙂

17. Januar 2007

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