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NetBeans: 6.5M1

With a release being scheduled for October 2008 according to the official roadmap, now the first milestone (M1) of oncoming NetBeans 6.5 IDE is available for download, use and testing. Some time earlier someone seems to got caught by the idea of making NetBeans the “only IDE you will ever need”, and, just following this paradigm, NetBeans 6.5 is likely to see quite an extended support for a lot of things not Java SE and EE, maybe most notably the new PHP tooling. Looking at the state of the code (as I am usually working with nightly day to day), I have to say that once again the improvements most important to me are some new features in the Maven2 support, some of them outlined in Milos’ blog, who has once again done a great job working on this module. Well, maybe I’m gonna give the new Groovy support a try as well, but, no matter whether “only IDE you need” or not, NetBeans continues to be the state-of-the-art tool if you have maven2 in your toolbox as well. Good show so far, folks!

By the way as a minor modification, there also is a new splash screen to be found with this release – not an essential feature, but a nice thing after all…:

8. Juli 2008

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