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NetBeans: 6.5 unveiled

Without further ado: Yesterday, on November 19, 2008, NetBeans 6.5 finally was made publicly available, putting an end to quite an interesting period of development and NetCAT testing. Having PHP and Python support as well as integration of Glassfish V3 Prelude application server in the Java EE downloads eventually the most noticeable new features, the 6.5 release mainly “just” is a logical improvement of the releases of the 6.x series seen so far, making development a little more easier and more straightforward. Being using pre-release builds in productive work for quite some months now, for my use cases NB 6.5 mainly has to offer a vast bunch of “minor” improvements (under the hood?) which, though overally not visible at first sight, make working with the IDE just a bit more convenient. If you don’t use it so far, you should really have a look at the feature description and some of the introductory screencasts to eventually by then get NetBeans 6.5 for your platform and development profile and get started getting work done, as this is what NetBeans definitely is best at. Congratulations to all the team for packing up such a great release, now let’s take on 7.0… 😉

20. November 2008

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