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NetBeans: 6.1 RC, Spring and maven tooling

Things are moving on quickly: Release Candidate 1 of what is likely to be the NetBeans 6.1 IDE is available right now. Get it here, and get started immediately. Not much else to say about it, I guess: Performance has somewhat improved, Spring support really has given quite a boost to my productivity using NetBeans lately, and there is a bunch of minor annoyances that has been removed or fixed. In my daily work, I excessively rely upon Spring, maven2 and database tooling as well as XML editing tools, and, as far as these are concerned, NetBeans 6.1 also in pre-RC has been a stable, very convenient tool to be used in everyday work – I actually have already seen final releases of applications to be less stable than that. So, good job so far. However, there is one update I dearly hope it will make its way into 6.1: The 3.1 version of NetBeans Maven Tooling finally offers support for browsing remote repositories. Definitely desirable.

11. April 2008

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