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NetBeans 6.0 RC2 … finally groovy. :)

Oh well, I should calm down as far as my post headlines are concerned before things are about to get completely stupid. 🙂 Nevertheless, not-so-bad news today is that NetBeans 6.0 RC2 has seen the light of this world by now, which is good in two ways:

At first, Release Candidate 2 points out that things are slowly getting “serious”, that it’s just a matter of time for the first GPL’ed IDE “for” Java written “in” Java is about to be here in a stable release and waiting to make its way into the package repositories of the most common GNU/Linux distributions. This possibly is good news.

But, more than that, the NetBeans Groovy plugin finally is back in action and working with the recent NetBeans version again, rather good for all those who want to use NetBeans as a “multi language” IDE (like me). Now if there only was working Python support – perhaps one should have a look at the Schliemann project allowing for custom language integration in NetBeans and start something similar on one’s own… Nevertheless, RC2 so far does rather well on my box – good work everyone!

22. November 2007

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