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move#3: rebirth of vim

Another landmark discovered on my way through the NetBeans world: In situations in which I don’t use NetBeans (like editing configuration files, hacking up smaller scripts to serve whatever purpose, …), I still do heavily use the incredible vim editor, which, being lean and fast and yet loaded with the most commonly used features (especially syntax highlighting for virtually everything, as well as pretty good code folding), in most cases is quite a good tool to have.

Though Eclipse also has quite some usable vim integration (vimplugin), using jvi in NetBeans is just close to incredible. Not just that, while in editing mode, you do have available most if not all the features vim has to offer (code folding, search / replace commands, …), but you also do have access to, say, the NetBeans editor tabs using jvi-embedded commands, which comes in rather helpful. Plus, the editor, even though “vim’med”, still remains “just an ordinary” NetBeans (Java) editor, meaning that all the keybindings one is used to for, in example, fixing import statements or invoking code completion, still are in place and work the way they’re supposed to. If you’re addicted to operating your IDE just using the keyboard, jvi will be your best friend. 😉

19. September 2007

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