Lost in transit.
You're welcome.


Not wanting to go meta-blogging again, this is just a short note for some who might end up here: As of now, node.zimmer428.net (which used to be my own photoblog) just directs here. So does wanderer.zimmer428.net, started out as a collection of strange scribbles, images, things found all along the way. Having been through several problems (including security issues caused by old wordpress versions or buggy plugins), I ended up maintaining three different wordpress installations… while rarely posting to either of these. Guess I have repeatedly written about that particular blog becoming more and more irrelevant in days of merrily posting things to one of the many social media channels out there, starting with mobile images (Instagram, EyeEM, and still of course good old Flickr), links (D*, Facebook, Google+) or random eclectic crap (Tumblr). So I am about to continue the things started earlier… I want to play with wordpress again, want to figure out what can be done with it, want to see how to use it. And I also, to some point, wanted to get rid of the separation introduced by running different blogs.

The last months, the last handful of posts, dm.zimmer428.net basically boiled down to being a low-volume, “low-budget” techie blog. Lots of things to be around here earlier just got lost all along the way. Surely, I will not go back to posting (semi-)political or social rants as I did earlier, then and now, assuming that, as things are now, one gets more and more careful about what things to still write down on a world-readable whiteboard. But maybe there’s some way, other than that, to get back into music, books, images, arts, the whole load of things of interest asides technology (which definitely will not disappear). Maybe it’s worth a try. The amount of inspiration at hand each and every day still is incredible. Let’s see what the next movement will be.