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Soundtrack: Evaporating Uneasiness – “Evaporating Uneasiness” (the whole album, a set of strong piano tracks from which I fail to choose a “real” favorite even despite listening to “Opus No. 04” more often than to others). Came back to posting my nightly doings (to not call my images “works”) in the morning to keep myself from the urge to delete them after looking at them again in light of a new day. For whatever it’s worth, and that doesn’t say much about the quality of these doings I guess, but at least it leaves me being somehow satisfied with how they are. As for this picture, of all those I posted so far it’s the one that has been lying around (virtually, of course) on my hard drive in a “work in progress” state longer than any other, for whichever reasons. It’s been worked on with different soundtracks, and obviously it has changed its mood several times during doing so. Which is fine, then again – as there’s my instagram stuff for everydays point-and-shoot moments, it’s also good to once in a whiel actually spend time on this, allow something to take time until it’s done(?) in some way.