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happy new year everyone… :)

So this is the first post of 2006… A time as good as any, I guess, to wish you all a peaceful, calm, successful and happy new year getting you a little closer to your personal dreams and wishes…

Looking back at 2005 and seeing what the new year has in store, I guess the topics all over here aren’t likely to change that much: Still, we have to deal with a lot of political issues like IPRED2, the software patent issue, the preservation of freedom and privacy in the digital age facing threats like the US-american DMCA and its European siblings. Still, we will have to talk about making computers, internet and all the shiny new technologies actually technologies usable for improving and enhancing creativity and communication, for empowering people instead of just creating a machinery of oppression, regulation and industry dictatorship. About that, 2006 probably will be quite a year of work… but hopefully in the end it will be worth it.

But for now, the year’s just quite young, and so, after upgrading to wordpress v 2.0, I just wish you all a peaceful time. Thank you for reading z428. 😉

3. Januar 2006

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