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Free Software as a social movement

zmag.org has an excellent, verbose interview with GNU mastermind and Free Software advocate Richard Stallman. Probably not bearing much news to those who are a little into the whole GNU movement, it may be a good explanation of Free Software for all those who by now just are thinking about “free” software as “cheap” or “free-as-in-free-beer” goodies you can download from all over the internet, so it’s a worthy read if you want to get an idea what is behind GNU and the freedoms 0 to 3 free software should provide. Besides that, it provides interesting insights into Stallmans view of the world regarding topics like capitalism, the political aspects of free software, software patents and a lot of other things. Perhaps this is something worth translating to German, it is a highly recommended read.

(found on netzpolitik.org)

20. Dezember 2005

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