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Flickr: Comin’ to an end after all.

Hard to say that Flickr folks are living an easy life these days… Goin’ through the somewhat rough days of censorship issues in mid-2007, to quite some of its community Flickr seems to massively have lost its reputation being a community-driven, community-focused platform but just rather another small company giving in sell-out way too quickly. Well, fair or not, things hardly could be worse than they are now, now that possibly even the last one “on-line” has discovered about Microsoft trying hard to buy Yahoo!, then and now unfortunate home of Flickr. And then? What is to happen? Not much, I suppose. Even goin’ through these days of attacking censorship on Flickr, losing a bunch of active users obviously didn’t make them bother that much. Possibly they aren’t likely to care losing a few thousands more in course of something they are hardly to change anyhow, in course of something possibly to bring them hundreds of thousands of new customers possibly living off the benefits of having a “MS Flickr” experience seamlessly integrated with whichever piece of Windows-only software they could come up with. But it’s not just the end of Yahoo! (oh well…), but it’s also the definite end of Flickr, ending up being just another mainstream image-dumping platform stripped of all the “community” it used to be some day, somehow. And, given that obviously Yahoo being bought by MS is just a matter of more money being offered, days of Flickr surely are counted…

7. April 2008

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