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Just another link dump, I guess: Andrew Newman has started writing a bunch of series fighting a moment I also experienced quite a bunch of months ago: “So you just installed Solaris 10… now what?” The first of these articles is rather straightforward, pointing out a few things to be done right after having a clean Solaris Express installation up and running and possibly logged into the system already.

Possibly, all this is pointless to some extent, given that once you want to use an operating system, you want to use it for a certain purpose so the “now what?” situation never should arise. However, by now and thanks to the OpenSolaris project, I have found a lot of people (including myself… 🙂 ) with a strong Linux background gaining interest in Solaris, wanting to figure out what’s actually the point, why they should even consider switching given that, after having done an installation, the GNOME desktop doesn’t look that different comparing a recent GNU/Linux and a recent Solaris Express distribution. Point is: Most of the features making OpenSolaris excel lie beneath the surface, and you have to find them goin’ right there, so just installing the operating system in VMWare or elsewhere and playing around with the GUI a little simply won’t do. Thus, read on here to learn a few new tricks… Waiting for more on that, definitely. 🙂

25. Mai 2007

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