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LibreSaaS (revisited)

“With Microsoft acquiring github a few days ago, distrust in large platforms and platform operators in parts of the community once again gets even worse than it has been before, following events such as Facebooks Cambridge Analytica affair. Looking a...

26. November 2018

Proposing a GNU Social Network Manifesto?

Reading through the GNU Free Software philosophy once again, I wonder whether, right now in the current disputes surrounding Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon and the quest for a more…

20. April 2018

#deletefacebook won’t fix anything.

Ok, here we go again… Following the Cambridge Analytics ‘incident’, almost predictably we see #deletefacebook popping up all across most of the social media channel, with several more…

22. März 2018

Offenheit und Alternativen im Cloud-Zeitalter?

Aus bekannten Gründen habe ich mich in den letzten Tagen wieder recht intensiv mit offenen Kommunikationskanälen, Messengern, sozialen Netzen und dergleichen beschäftigt, mich durch meine zahllosen Accounts geklickt…

12. März 2018