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link / leaves

Soundtrack: Tetarise – ‘wide contemplation’, particularly ‘Reminiscenses (Chillout Mix)’. Netlabel ambient for the win. In some ways, back to a (visual) theme I then and now enjoyed playing…

19. November 2013


Well not reboot, in a literal understanding. But also not a “relaunch” as changes that happened here are as superficial as a theme switch can eventually be. Maybe…

11. November 2013


Soundtrack: The Inventors of Aircrafts – “The Tower”. An other sort of abandoned machinery.

15. November 2011

green machinery

Soundtrack: Xun – “Clastic” (off “Framework”, released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license via ambientaria records. Again, it somehow just felt like it fit the mood.

5. September 2011