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Soundtrack: Forge Of Clouds – “ten” (off their incredible, self-titled debut album), somehow in my opinion fitting the mood of this one, not sure why.

24. November 2011


Soundtrack: rngmnn – “skogsrået”. Strange music for a somewhat peculiar image. Exploring machinery, once again, in these (urban) areas in which abandoned devices just akin to that still…

22. November 2011


Soundtrack: Spjral – “Lightdrome” – off the “PISCES” album. Walking upstairs.

17. November 2011


Soundtrack: The Inventors of Aircrafts – “The Tower”. An other sort of abandoned machinery.

15. November 2011


Soundtrack: various stuff by Rorcal (see rorcalmusic.tumblr.com/ and www.last.fm/music/Rorcal). I usually once in a while get back to doing pictures like this. By the way, just to point…

4. November 2011


Definite soundtrack: Omega Massif – “In der Mine”. Not much to say about this, except for that this kind of music goes along at least as well as…

22. September 2011

flowers became screens?

Soundtrack: Erratic – “Activation Fields”. Minimal netaudio electronics, again, in my opinion rather well suiting the mood of these abandoned devices out there in the weather.

9. September 2011

machine meditation #10: point of control

Soundtrack: Anna Rose Carter & Pleq – “A mirror sitting”. Quietness. Suspended machinery. Artifacts emitting silence, in some way. Feeling tired today, also in some way.

7. September 2011