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Tweaking elementary

After following the project ever since its early days, I’ve been using elementaryOS for more than a year now, almost continuously, on my day-to-day working laptop and several…

11. Juni 2020

Android, FLOSS and end user support

I’ve been using Android based smartphones for a while, spent most of the time ever since the mid-1990s using GNU/Linux and SoftwareLibre applications and kept on trying to…

21. Mai 2019

Edge, Chromium and web monoculture?

The last few days it made the news that apparently Microsoft is about to ditch its latest browser approach, “Edge”, in favour of developing something new for the…

5. Dezember 2018

LibreSaaS (revisited)

“With Microsoft acquiring github a few days ago, distrust in large platforms and platform operators in parts of the community once again gets even worse than it has been before, following events such as Facebooks Cambridge Analytica affair. Looking a...

26. November 2018

Years of Linux and FLOSS desktop?

Recently, and once again, I have stumbled across someone (more or less) claiming the Year Of The Linux Desktop (wonder whether the acronym YOTLD already made it through)…

20. September 2018