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Tweaking elementary

After following the project ever since its early days, I’ve been using elementaryOS for more than a year now, almost continuously, on my day-to-day working laptop and several…

11. Juni 2020

elementary 5: Clean, lightweight GNU/Linux

As I pointed out elsewhere, I spent a couple of weeks participating in the elementaryOS 5 Linux Community Challenge. Started by a writer at forbes.com, the idea was…

7. Februar 2019

Years of Linux and FLOSS desktop?

Recently, and once again, I have stumbled across someone (more or less) claiming the Year Of The Linux Desktop (wonder whether the acronym YOTLD already made it through)…

20. September 2018

KDE, Kubuntu, and a bit of rant.

So much for that. Again. A while ago and in quite a verbose way I announced my move to KDE 4.x, specifically in the Kubuntu 13.04 distribution which…

29. April 2013

Goin’ KDE.

Putting action where the mouth is, I guess: At the very least with its 4.x release, I then and now considered the K Desktop Environment (KDE) to be…

2. November 2012