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Supruga. Post modern darkness.

I got into more aggressive music in the early 1990s, which was an interesting experience: Labeled both “heavy metal” or “hard rock” synonymously from the outside, those who…

14. Februar 2019


Soundtrack: Red Fog – “199 Broken Light Tubes” – exploring the world that is to be reached following the stairs down into the ruins we left behind.

18. Mai 2012

sleepy buildings

Soundtrack: Forgotten Backyard – “l’aube” (off the “de poussière rouge” EP released via ambientaria). Like distant dreaming, in some way. All along the lines, a short note on…

1. Dezember 2011


Soundtrack: rngmnn – “skogsrået”. Strange music for a somewhat peculiar image. Exploring machinery, once again, in these (urban) areas in which abandoned devices just akin to that still…

22. November 2011


Soundtrack: The Inventors of Aircrafts – “The Tower”. An other sort of abandoned machinery.

15. November 2011

machine meditation #10: point of control

Soundtrack: Anna Rose Carter & Pleq – “A mirror sitting”. Quietness. Suspended machinery. Artifacts emitting silence, in some way. Feeling tired today, also in some way.

7. September 2011

green machinery

Soundtrack: Xun – “Clastic” (off “Framework”, released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license via ambientaria records. Again, it somehow just felt like it fit the mood.

5. September 2011