June 6, 2018

Starting over.

Into playing with technology and reconsidering rebuilding most of this site and everything related to it. Not one single reason for trying to do so, it’s just that the web, “my” web, has profoundly and drastically changed throughout the last couple of years. And, as always, these changes didn’t happen all at once but rather in small, incremental steps, transforming the digital world I got in touch with, I got used to back as much as early 1996. 1996? Well it’s been quite a while, it’s been quite a ride. And both in order to keep me writing and playing with this thing a bit and find something to actually write about, I might as well use this space for some looking back and spending some thoughts on how things worked, then and now. General idea is to take a (smaller) dive into most if not all the things I tried online so far, see where they were fun, see where and how they failed too. Most of these failed, for that matter, but maybe it’ll turn out interesting nevertheless. Maybe it’ll turn out boring and end up being deleted halfway through it. I don’t know. Let’s find out.

Why? Well, because I kind of want to get back into the “flow” of actually writing here. Back when the weblog was the first and only means of doing so, I pretty frequently posted longer and shorter articles on various issues including, but not limited to technology, music, images, art. My weblog always was somewhere in between long-read blog, microblog and link-rant-dump. Platforms such as Facebook or Tumblr are extremely tempting when it comes to publishing for the sake of exposure - but not in an economic or attention-whoring kind of approach; I always had a web hosting package with limited montlhy bandwith included and never used ad banners or affiliate links on my site so what would be the use of gaining more exposure and attracting more traffic? In fact, to me exposure always was a good thing in order to start discussing a certain issue of importance to me. On a larger platform this is so incredibly much easier while a small personal weblog mostly ends up going unnoticed, now more than ever. Maybe it’s not even possible anymore to really change this. So if you came here (thanks for doing so and reading up to here), expect this to be a work-in-progress heading to an unknown destination… ;)

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