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Kill Bill’s Browser

There has been quite some motion recently talking about web browsers and why switching from Microsoft’s “blue e” to some other browser like Mozilla, Firefox or, perhaps sooner or later Flock, some browser which is more up-to-date, more compliant to recent standards and technologies, more secure and perhaps more usable than MS Internet Explorer ever was. We’ve seen W3Junkie’s Too Cool For IE campaign (which basically addresses the fact that many recent web sites with all the eye candy and functionality they offer – just take a look at css zen garden to see what is possible even without any proprietary plugin stuff like Flash and just using standardized web technologies like XHTML and CSS – hardly may be viewed in full quality using MS Internet Explorer because that bunch of bits simply refuses to comply to most of nowadays web standards). And now we see Kill Bill’s Browser. Though being written in quite a funny way, this site indeed reveals some more reasons why you’d better don’t click the blue ‘e’ and switch to a real browser instead. And, while being linked into Google’s AdSense project, this site might even collect some money for something good. Check it out.

16. November 2005

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